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ea exam pass rate

With each release, Prometric explains that not all candidates take all three EA exam parts. Consequently, there are big differences between the candidate populations for each exam part. Instead, Enrolled Agent pass rates tell us that passing the EA exam is completely possible.

  • Achieving passing scores on all three parts is a prerequisite for becoming an enrolled agent.
  • However, statistically, the business section of the exam is the most difficult, with only about a 60% average passing rate.
  • You will also receive diagnostic information which may indicate areas of weakness in your performance where you may need continuing education.
  • We also offer additional Enrolled Agent resources to keep tax professionals current and up-to-date.
  • To locate a testing center near you, visit the Prometric website.
  • You cannot bring in an EA exam prep materials and food and water are also not permitted.

However, you’ll have to spend 4 hours at the Prometric testing center so that you have 30 minutes to complete your pre-exam tutorial and a post-exam customer satisfaction survey. You may be tempted to figure out exactly how many questions you must answer correctly to pass, but you shouldn’t worry about it. You won’t be able to tell which questions will contribute to your exam score, so you should instead dedicate your mental energy toward answering to the best of your ability. While the actual EA exam questions will always vary, assessing the sample questions published by the IRS gives you a good perspective of the exam material and question types. So, if you feel comfortable with the sample questions, you can expect to do well on the exam. After you apply for enrollment, the IRS will run a check to confirm you’ve filed your tax returns and paid any outstanding taxes.

What is the Gleim EA pass rate?

Thankfully, the EA exam syllabus contains all of this content. If you need any accommodations guaranteed by the Americans with Disability Act (ADA), contact Prometric first to get pre-approved before scheduling your appointment. Not all test centers are equally equipped for all accommodations. Prometric has a testing accommodations request packet that you’ll need to call about. Prometric gives you 15 minutes to schedule your exam before you have to start the process over. When you go to schedule, be sure you have all your information gathered so you can schedule quickly.

ea exam pass rate

Prometric testing centers accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and electronic checks. The Prometric website doesn’t specify whether debit cards are an acceptable form of payment, so you may want to call about using one. Prometric does not accept money orders, personal checks, or cash, so come prepared to pay with an approved payment source. However, the 15 experimental questions are spread out throughout the test, so you don’t know which ones they are. This means you will want to do your best on ALL of the questions since you don’t know which ones will count toward your score.

I previously passed parts of the exam; how long can I carry over those scores? (updated 3/1/

To ensure you can answer every question well in this amount of time, you must study consistently for several weeks. During this time, you must also practice your time management system. The Fast Forward Academy pass rate for Enrolled Agent users is unknown.

  • You can’t pass any exam without knowing what it will test you on, so understanding the material should be your first priority in preparing for the EA exam.
  • However, I have taken specific steps so I can provide an objective analysis.
  • Part 2, boasting higher pass rates than Part 1, has only been a recent development.
  • These 100 MCQs include 85 scored questions and 15 experimental questions.
  • During this time the test is updated with the most recent tax law.
  • You won’t be able to tell which questions will contribute to your exam score, so you should instead dedicate your mental energy toward answering to the best of your ability.

The Special Enrollment Examination is a rigorous and comprehensive test designed to assess a candidate’s knowledge and understanding of the US tax code. By passing the EA exam, individuals demonstrate their expertise in tax preparation and consultation, allowing them to represent taxpayers before the IRS. If you’re considering taking the ea exam pass rate EA exam, it’s crucial to understand the exam basics, including what’s inside the exam, how hard it is, and the registration process. Some of you may wonder which part of the EA exam is the most difficult. To make this determination, you could combine feedback from others with your own familiarity with the content of each exam part.


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